Family Health and Fitness Day 2019 falls on June 8th. There is no better time than today to get your family together and be active. There are many ways to move your body and encourage the people you love most to do the same. By coming up with a plan for ways to celebrate this annual awareness day, you’re able to encourage others in your community to do the same.

Here are five fun ways to celebrate Family Health and Fitness Day:

  1. Go on a walk. See what you can find in nature. Choose a walking trail or park that you’ve never visited before and explore all that it has to offer to you. That way, you’re burning calories, bonding, and expanding your horizons.
  2. Take your bicycles out for a ride. Rather than drive somewhere, why not bike there instead? Have everyone put on their helmets and set off on an exciting ride. Again, you have the opportunity to explore, strengthen muscles, and have a great time doing this activity together.
  3. Prepare a healthy meal as a family. Shop your local farmers market and select fresh produce to create a healthy meal for everyone to enjoy. Let your children take part in the preparation of the food by giving them jobs they can do based on their age and abilities. Sit down at the table and feast!
  4. Join a gym, rec center, or health club. Family memberships are usually more affordable than single memberships. Find a location nearby and make it a point to explore all the options that they offer. It’s a great activity to keep kids busy during the summer.
  5. Play sports together. Choose different sporting activities to practice and play. You don’t need to join a formal team. You do, however, need a good-sized area or court to play on. Grab a ball or some equipment and have a blast competing.

Celebrate good health and fitness with your family this June by taking part in Family Health and Fitness Day. To learn more about your unique nutritional needs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ahmadinia. He’ll encourage you to take good care of your body in a way that promotes health, fitness, and wellness. He makes every patient a partner in their healthcare plan by working with them to come up with ideas that make being healthy inevitable.

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