Laser Hair RemovalAt Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we recognize that women have unwanted hair on different parts of their body. This presence of hair can be embarrassing and cause a woman to be self conscious. With this in mind, Dr. Ahmadinia now offers laser hair removal for his High Desert patients who are interested in this option. This procedure eliminates the presence of unwanted hair at any particular spot on the body, and also takes away the hassle of maintaining that hair by means of shaving, waxing or tweezing.

Many patients in the Barstow opt to have laser hair removal on their arms, underarms, backs, bikini lines, face, stomach and buttocks. This procedure uses laser energy and heat power in order to destroy the hair follicle underneath the skin, rendering it ineffective from growing back again. Patients are often satisfied and relieved after this procedure is complete, because they feel confident in their own skin and don’t have to worry that they missed a spot when shaving. The procedure typically has to be performed again every 4-6 weeks in order to completely destroy the hair follicles in any given area.

Before a patient comes into this appointment at the OB/GYN office, it’s important to prepare properly. All laser hair removal patients must avoid tanning, self-tanning lotions or sprays and general sun exposure for at least four weeks before the treatment. During that four week period, the patient also must avoid shaving, waxing, tweezing, plucking or clipping the hair in the area that will be worked on.

During the recovery process, patients should be vigilant about protecting themselves from the sun. Dr. Ahmadinia recommends that laser hair removal patients wear SPF 30 or SPF 50 sunscreen for at least 4 weeks after the procedure. While this is not an exceptionally painful procedure, some patients might feel mildly uncomfortable after it is complete. There might be some swelling for a few hours, and aloe vera lotion can be used to help cool the area down. Warm showers are beneficial, but patients should avoid using water that is too hot.

For more information on laser hair removal, contact Dr. Ahmadinia’s office today to set up a consultation appointment.