Birth Control in VictorvilleWomen who are sexually active or want to regulate their monthly menstrual cycles may be interested in their contraception options. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we offer our patients in Victorville and surrounding areas, a variety of different birth control choices. This allows each woman to decide which birth control will best work for her.

High Desert patients should consider their lifestyle, personal fertility goals and sexual habits when choosing a birth control method. Dr. Ahmadinia recommends that anyone who is sexually active but not interested in becoming pregnant choose a birth control method that will work for them.

Hormonal Birth Control

The birth control pill, birth control rings and birth control patches are all considered hormonal birth control. These contraceptives will not only prevent pregnancy, but they also are known for reducing menstrual cramps, allowing for lighter periods and even clearing skin that is prone to acne.

Mini Pill

The mini pill is a low dose birth control pill that includes only progesterone. This pill is often recommended to new mothers who are nursing but do not wish to become pregnant again for the time being.


IUD stands for Intra Uterine Device, and this piece of equipment is implanted into the uterus. Women do not have to remember to take a pill or come in for a shot. This device will result is extremely light periods, or eliminate periods all together.

Birth Control Shots

Dr. Ahmadinia can administer birth control shots every three months that will eliminate periods or significantly reduce the symptoms associated with a woman’s period. In order for it to remain effective, women must continue to receive the shot every three months.

Barrier Contraception

Women who are interested in barrier contraception can have a diaphragm fitted, or request that their partners use condoms when they have intercourse.

Each patient should consider the benefits and risks associated with the different contraception options with their obstetrics and gynecology professional. Dr. Ahmadinia is committed to providing women with the information they need in order to make the best birth control choice. For more information on contraception, set up an appointment today.