Free Pregnancy TestsIf you have missed your period and are beginning to think you might be pregnant, you should not wait to take a pregnancy test. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN,  we offer pregnancy tests to High Desert patients who think they might be pregnant in order to provide them with proof of their pregnancy. These urine-based pregnancy tests only take a few moments to perform, and results are typically available in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Ahmadinia is committed to providing his Victorville patients with the care that they need during all stages of their pregnancy, but first trimester care is especially important. A woman needs to start preparing her body for pregnancy from the moment she becomes pregnant, which is why it is essential to take a pregnancy test shortly after your missed period.

When taken properly and at the appropriate time, urine-based pregnancy tests are 97%-99% accurate. These results are considered reliable by all obstetrics and gynecology professionals, including Dr. Ahmadinia. If you think that you might be pregnant, you can contact the office in order to set up an appointment to take a pregnancy test. It is important to make an appointment ahead of time, as well as show up on time for your pregnancy test appointment.

If it is determined that you are, in fact, pregnant, one of our caring and friendly nurses will provide you with prenatal vitamins that you should begin taking immediately. We also will give you the information you need about having a healthy pregnancy, and what you can expect during the next 9 months. For more information about your pregnancy, be sure to set up an appointment to begin your prenatal care with Dr. Ahmadinia.

In the event that you take a pregnancy test and it comes up negative, but you still have signs and symptoms of pregnancy, we also can perform a blood test within the office. This test will check your hormone levels and confirm if you are, in fact, pregnant. For more information on our pregnancy testing services, contact Dr. Ahmadinia’s office today.