May is Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month. Now, more than ever, it’s easy to share what you’ve learned about the subject with others thanks to social media. If you have a young woman in your life that is sexually active, helping her understand the different birth control options that exist prevents premature pregnancy. Since her body is still growing and developing as a teenager, she could experience complications if she were to get pregnant too soon.

Teen Pregnancies Can Cause Complications

Some teen pregnancies result in complications for both the mother and the child. A pregnancy is considered ‘high-risk’ if a young woman is still in her teens when she gets pregnant. Dr. Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert specializes in high-risk pregnancies and helps young women overcome odds so they can deliver happy, healthy babies.

In the event that a young woman suspects she is pregnant, the OBGYN runs tests to determine how far along she is. Dr. Ahmadinia then works with his patient to provide the safest and healthiest experience for her and her child. Proper nutrition and a prenatal vitamin are discussed in detail so that young mothers can be as healthy as they possibly can be right from the very start.

Prevent Unplanned Pregnancies by Sharing What You’ve Learned

Raise awareness about teen pregnancy and ways to prevent unplanned pregnancies from occurring in young women. Your voice makes a difference by helping teenagers exercise their right to have intercourse without getting pregnant! Encourage the young people in your life to use birth control and contraceptives while they’re sexually active. That way, they can postpone pregnancy until they’re older and more ready to embrace the experience of parenthood.

Dr. Ahmadinia Works with Teenagers to Find a Birth Control Method That Works

Work with OBGYN High Desert to help young women get the gynecological care they need. Dr. Ahmadinia makes all of his patients feel comfortable and respected throughout their visits to the clinic. He works with young women to feel empowered to take charge of their sexual health and family planning.

Use this May to help raise awareness about teen pregnancy by getting the word out in person and through online platforms such as social media. Young women should know which options exist to help them take the best care of their sexual health. In addition to condoms, other forms of birth control help prevent unplanned pregnancy, giving teenagers options about when to start having a family.
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