With the holiday season fast approaching, women may find themselves busier than usual. That’s why we cannot emphasize the idea of self-care enough. Too many women put their needs last and it can have disastrous results. Before you cancel your appointment with OBGYN High Desert because you simply can’t squeeze another activity into your schedule, consider how important it is to see your gynecologist regularly. Doing so prevents disease, provides you with sound advice concerning diet and exercise, and even alerts you to the imbalances you may have in your body due to stress.

Here are five ways women can have a safer and healthier holiday season:

  • By putting their needs first. Women often take on the role of caregiver for other people. They find that they make sacrifices concerning their own health and well-being to serve others. Although it may not make sense to drop what you’re already doing for some much-needed self-care, you should. When you take good care of yourself, others benefit, too.
  • Getting adequate amounts of sleep. So many things happen inside the body while you rest. It’s important that you give yourself time to heal after a long, trying day. Make it a point to develop a nighttime routine that helps you relax and fall asleep quickly. Take a warm bath, drink some hot tea, and read a book that you find inspiring for best results.
  • Paying close attention to the foods that they’re eating and the way they’re treating their bodies. You are essentially what you eat which is why it’s imperative to choose the best qualities foods you have available to buy. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains in your diet. You’ll feel energized and ready to tackle the tasks that come with the busy holidays.
  • By learning to pick and choose activities wisely. It’s ok to say “No,” to things that don’t interest you or that you don’t have time for. It is far worse to take on responsibilities begrudgingly. If you’re invited to too many events, feel free to thank the person who asked you to participate but decline their offer.
  • Preventing illness through good hygiene and routine maintenance. It’s cold and flu season which means you’ll want to wash your hands with warm, soapy water often. You’ll also want to make your health a priority during this time because you’ll be coming into contact with lots of people over the holiday season. Attend all scheduled appointments with doctors, and if you’re not feeling well, don’t wait until the illness worsens before seeking help.

The staff of OBGYN High Desert wants to help women better prepare for the holidays by providing them with the services they need the most. If you haven’t had a chance to schedule a follow-up visit or your yearly exam, now is the time to do so. You’ll approach the new year with less stress and in better health by making regular gynecological services part of your schedule.

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