Prematurity Awareness Month takes place each year in November. The annual initiative was created to raise awareness about the causes of prematurity and the needs of premature babies. As a woman who wants to grow her family, it’s important to know everything there is about the subject so that you can avoid delivering a child prematurely. This month’s blog is dedicated to informing you about premature delivery, why it happens, and the problems it can cause a baby.

When is a Baby Considered Premature?

A baby born between the 34th and 37th week of pregnancy is considered premature. It’s typically when most women deliver prematurely. Some, however, give birth sooner than the 34-37-week period which leads to greater risks for the infant. Babies who are born closer to their expected delivery date often do much better than those born months before they were originally expected to be delivered.

What Causes a Woman to Deliver Early?

In most cases, the cause of premature delivery is unknown. Babies are sometimes born prematurely after their mothers have experienced an infection or accident. Others are premature because of their mother’s genetics.

Each woman is different, so there is no telling what exactly causes each to deliver early. It’s a case-by-case situation, but high-risk pregnancies can result in premature babies. Dr. Ahmadinia specializes in dealing with women who are high-risk due to age, medical history, weight, and other special circumstances that require extra monitoring.

Risks That Come with Premature Deliveries

Premature babies often experience a myriad of health problems including apnea, jaundice, anemia, bleeding in the brain, and infection. Some premature births result in the baby being stillborn at the time of delivery. Knowing what risks exists helps mothers better prepare themselves for having a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Go to All Appointments Scheduled with OBGYN High Desert

Making sure that you go to every appointment that is scheduled for you with Dr. Ahmadinia is essential to you and your baby’s health. The caring OBGYN monitors your pregnancy and makes sure that you’re not at risk for delivering your child prematurely. When you meet with the doctor at OBGYN High Desert, it’s important to have any questions that you want to ask ready for him. That way, you’re able to address everything that needs attention at the time of your appointment, so you walk out of it feeling empowered and ready to embrace your pregnancy fully.

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