If you’re pregnant, you’re going to need to stick to a daily routine that benefits both you and your unborn child. That means taking good care of your body by providing it with nourishing foods, life-saving supplements, and mind-clearing exercise. These things help you feel good while you’re carrying a child.

Dr. Ahmadinia Wants You to Have a Happy Healthy Baby

Diet and exercise are an important part of a pregnant woman’s life. If you’re not sure how to go about either, ask Dr. Ahmadinia for suggestions. He wants you to have the happiest, healthiest baby possible. He’ll inform you of the steps you should take to make sure that you get adequate nutrition and ample exercise while carrying a child.

Good Nutrition Helps Prevent Deficiencies and Illness in Your Newborn Child

Good nutrition helps your baby grow and develop in the womb. When you’re getting the essential vitamins and nutrients your child needs, there aren’t any deficiencies. You lessen risk factors by choosing healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean sources of protein.

You’ll need to be taking a prenatal vitamin. Packed with folic acid which prevents birth defects, it gives you and your baby the essentials so that there isn’t any problem. As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, Dr. Ahmadinia will give you these vitamins to take.

It’s important that you make the vitamins part of your daily routine. Birth defects such as spinal bifida occur when a baby doesn’t get enough folic acid while in the womb. Taking a prenatal vitamin is a good thing to do before you get pregnant, too.

Reach Out to OBGYN High Desert Right Away for Help with Your Pregnancy

Schedule your appointment with OBGYN High Desert right away. Dr. Ahmadinia wants to establish a doctor/patient relationship with you. He provides high-quality care to the mothers and infants that visit his clinic.

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