One of the services that Dr. Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert provides is birth control options. His recommendations center on a woman’s personal lifestyle choices, medical history, fertility goals, and sexual habits. This allows each and every woman that comes to him for birth control discover the right option to meet her needs.

Birth Control Pills are Not the Only Options Available

There are many types of birth control available. When you think about your options, what comes to mind? Birth control pills?

They’re not the only form of contraception available. There are also birth control shots, mini pills, IUDs, and barrier contraception. Each has its own list of advantages.

Why You Should Consider Using Birth Control

Here are some of the benefits of using birth control:

  • You get pregnant when you want to. Using contraception is the best way to prevent pregnancies. Having your partner wear a condom while using birth control is the only way to prevent STDs. Keep this in mind whenever you engage in sexual activity as it’s very important to protect your reproductive health.
  • You can plan financially for a child. If you’re not in a situation where you can afford children, you can postpone pregnancy until you’re in a better spot. You can save the money you need for a child, and when the time is right, discuss your options with Dr. Ahmadinia. He’ll help you physically plan for pregnancy.
  • Traditional birth control pills can help you regulate your periods. This is in addition to minimizing menstrual cramp pain and clearing up acne-prone skin. If you have a period that is out of control, taking birth control pills regularly can help get it under control.
With birth control comes some risks. Speaking to your OBGYN about them helps clear up any concerns you might have about taking pills, receiving shots or having a diaphragm fitted. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that Dr. Ahmadinia has knowledge, experience, and skills to help you make informed decisions about your reproductive health.

Dr. Ahmadinia Works with You to Find the Right Form of Contraception

If you need a reliable form of birth control, make Dr. Ahmadinia aware of your situation. Your trusted OBGYN will be able to recommend the right option for you. After all, he knows your medical history.

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