There are many reasons why a woman would decide to take birth control. The first and most common is that she wants to prevent pregnancy. This could be due to her age, financial situation or size of her current family. She may not be able to afford another child at the moment because she already has several.

Another reason why a woman may choose to take traditional birth control pills is to regulate her period. Some types of birth control pills have been known to help minimize menstrual cramps and clear up skin problems such as acne. They may be taking it for these reasons even if they’re not sexually active.

Here are the different birth control options that are available at OBGYN High Desert:

  • Hormonal Birth Control. Birth control pills, birth control rings, and birth control patches are all hormonal. They reduce pregnancy and also regulate menstrual cycles, reduce the pain felt by menstrual cramps, and clear up skin conditions.
  • Mini Pill. A low dose, progesterone-based birth control pill. It’s for new mothers who are nursing and don’t want to become pregnant right away.
  • IUDs. An Intra Uterine Device is implanted into the different uterus. A woman can take it in pill form or as a shot. If you take this form of birth control, your periods will be light or non-existent.
  • Birth Control Shots. Every three months, Dr. Ahmadinia will give you birth control shots. They eliminate your period or reduce the symptoms that you would normally experience with a monthly cycle. You’ll have to come in every three months to get the shots in order for them to remain effective. If you come in later, you risk the chance of becoming pregnant during that time.
  • Barrier Contraception. A diaphragm is fitted to each patient that comes in requesting this form of birth control. Condoms are also an effective form of barrier contraception. They also protect against STDs.

If you have questions about the different birth control options that were mentioned here, feel free to talk to Dr. Ahmadinia in depth about them. This allows you a chance to ask questions and to learn more about each option before committing to one. As always, if you have an issue with the birth control solution that you’ve chosen, let the OBGYN know immediately so he can help you.

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