Counting The Kicks

Counting the Kicks

Pregnancy is filled with many milestone moments, but none quite as magical as those first tiny flutters within an expectant mother’s belly. This is a moment that many High Desert women dream about when they first find out they are pregnant, and soon enough they will be feeling so many movements inside of them they…

Preparing A Healthy Pregnancy

Preparing a Healthy Pregnancy

Apple Valley women who are hoping to become pregnant in the near future may not even realize that they can prepare in advance for a healthy pregnancy. There are several steps that a woman can take in order to prepare her body as well as prepare herself mentally for pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins during Pregnancy

Prenatal Vitamins during Pregnancy

Many women in the High Desert region assume that they need to begin taking their prenatal vitamins once they get a positive result on a pregnancy test. However, at Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we recommend that women in Victorville who are trying to conceive begin taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible.