As a woman nears her due date, it’s time to start preparing for labor and delivery. While a woman’s pregnancy is estimated to last for about 40 weeks, it’s important to remember that a baby can come a few weeks early or a couple weeks late. High Desert women will work with us at Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN during the last stage of their pregnancy in order to best prepare for the labor and delivery experience that they want. It’s important to outline your own desires and goals so that everyone can stay focused on your needs and wants during your labor.

How Can I Prepare for Labor?

It is recommended that Apple Valley women enjoy prenatal yoga as a form of exercise. Prenatal yoga is designed specifically for pregnant women, and the goal of this form of practice is to help women stretch their bodies for the labor and delivery experience. In addition to helping prepare the body physically for labor, it also helps to calm the mom and teaches her breathing techniques that she can use while she is in labor. This is important for a woman’s mental health as she prepares to endure the grueling process of labor and delivery.

Spend time relaxing and doing the activities that you enjoy the most. Once the baby arrives, you will be busy taking care of your newborn child who needs to eat, sleep and be changed on a regular basis. One of the best ways to prepare for labor is to be relaxed at all times, as this will allow your body to naturally progress toward labor. Take a walk at a local park, go out to dinner and the movies with your partner, or read a book in the evening. These are great ways to help you prepare both mentally and physically for labor.

Enjoy a healthy, well-balanced diet. A diet that is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein will allow you to feel physically fit as you prepare for labor. You do not want to junk out during this time, as it can make you uncomfortable throughout the labor and delivery experience.

Labor will begin in its own time, whenever your baby decides that it is ready to enter the world. The last stage of pregnancy can be difficult for expectant mothers, because they are uncomfortable, excited and anxious to meet their child. At this point in your pregnancy, you will be visiting Dr. Ahmadinia on a regular basis. Most women will come once per week in the last four to six weeks of their pregnancy. During this time, you can work with your OB/GYN in order to best prepare for labor and delivery.

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