A c-section is a surgical procedure that is performed on a pregnant woman in order to deliver her child. The caesarean procedure is a relatively common surgical procedure, and as many as 33 percent of women have a c-section in order to give birth in the United States. There are several reasons why High Desert women may require a c-section in order to deliver their baby. For example, an Apple Valley woman whose baby is in the breech position will not be able to deliver vaginally, and a c-section procedure will be required. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we want women to know how to best prepare for this surgical procedure.

How Do I Best Prepare for a C-Section?

It is important to remember that a c-section is a surgical procedure and the mother will have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days after it has been performed in order to recover. Women who are expecting and are planning to have a c-section will want to pack a hospital bag that is filled with everything they need for several days. Comfortable, loose clothing items, toiletries, warm socks, robes and personal identification information should all be ready in the bag.

Research the procedure and discuss the specifics of the operation with your OBGYN. Dr. Ahmadinia wants every woman who is having a c-section to feel comfortable and confident about the procedure that they are going to have. It is important that women understand what will take place during the operation, so that they do not feel nervous or anxious about the experience. The doctors work to keep the women involved in the process as much as possible.

Preparing for the recovery period also is essential. The recovery from a c-section is more strenuous than the recovery after a vaginal delivery. The OB/GYN will prescribe the patient pain medications in order to make the discomfort more manageable for the new mom, who also will be dealing with postpartum hormones and a newborn baby at the same time. It is important to rest as much as possible and to ask people to help you take care of routine things around your home. Women should spend their time bonding with their baby and resting so that their body can heal.

Women who are going to be having a c-section should take time during the final stages of their pregnancy to prepare for this childbirth experience. Even women who are expecting to deliver vaginally should understand what takes place during a c-section, in case they have to unexpectedly have this operation performed in order to deliver their baby. For more information on c-sections, talk with Dr. Ahmadinia at your next routine prenatal appointment.

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