Now that you’ve confirmed your pregnancy and been given a due date to consider, what should you do to get ready for a baby? It varies depending on your physical, emotional, and financial needs. If this is your first pregnancy and you haven’t got a clue about what to do next, don’t worry. OBGYN High Desert has you covered because we’ll explain in greater detail some of the ways our patients get ready to give birth.

Here are five things you should do to prepare for your delivery date:

  1. Learn what you can about the changes occurring in your body. It’s important for you to know what to expect when expecting. Each trimester provides different changes in you and your baby’s bodies. Read up on the subject by picking up a pregnancy book at the library or finding a blog online that you like to follow. There are even apps for smartphones that allow you to see how babies grow and develop during the stages of their lives.
  2. Breathe deeply and increase flexibility by doing pregnancy yoga. Learn how to inhale and exhale conscientiously. You should feel the breath expanding in your abdomen before letting it go. Deep breathing along with pregnancy yoga are healthy ways to ease into the idea of delivering a child. Once it’s time to give birth, you’ll be so glad that you physically prepped your body for the experience.
  3. Follow the doctor’s recommendations about diet and exercise. Dr. Ahmadinia will give you advice on what to eat, the types of vitamins and supplements to take, and the amount and kinds of exercise you should engage in. As part of your personalized pregnancy plan, you can be assured that the OBGYN will want to follow up with you regularly and see how his recommendations are improving your health and well-being.
  4. Start planning to take maternity leave. Do what you need to do to request maternity leave and prepare financially for the time you’re taking off from work. The sooner you’re able to do this, the better. That way, your workplace has ample time to find a replacement for you while you are away.
  5. Acquire the things you need for your baby’s arrival. Create baby registries at your favorite retailers so that people know what to buy you for a baby shower gift. Do your part to get your finances straight and to prepare your home for a tiny new resident. If there is something you need that hasn’t been purchased for you yet, buy the item whenever it goes on sale.

Working with a skilled and professional OBGYN such as Dr. Ahmadinia is ideal because you get to put his knowledge and medical expertise to the test. If you’re not sure what else you can do to prepare for your delivery date, ask him at your next appointment. He’s been a part of the birthing process for many of his patients and can provide sound advice that helps make the experience go as smoothly as possible for you.

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