September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. The annual initiative celebrates the women who have fought ovarian cancer as well as raises awareness about the disease and how to prevent it. OBGYN High Desert provides gynecological services for women of all ages. Having regular screenings and check-ups help detect, treat, and prevent different forms of cancers including those that affect the ovaries.

Signs and Symptoms Commonly Associated with Ovarian Cancer

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition provides detailed information about the importance of early awareness by looking for potential signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. In addition to bloating and pelvic or abdominal pain, some women feel full even when they’ve eaten little or experience difficulty eating. Some need to urinate a lot or experience urgency when they do.

Fatigue, heartburn or stomach upset, pain the back, pain while having sex, constipation, and changes in the menstrual cycle can also indicate ovarian cancer is present in the body. A Pap test is not a sufficient way of detecting this form of cancer. Many of the women affected by the disease are not aware that it doesn’t and only have a five-year survival rate if diagnosed before symptoms worsen.

Emphasizing Early Conversations with Doctors

An estimated 1 in 75 women will experience the disease in their lifetime. Having access to excellent medical services and knowledge about how to prevent the disease is essential to survival. Regular check-ups with a gynecologist are one way women can take good care of their bodies and prevent a myriad of health problems from occurring to them throughout their lifetimes.

The treatment of ovarian cysts occurs with the prescription of birth control pills or hormone medications. If the cyst is benign and the patient isn’t planning on becoming pregnant, regular dosages of medication help. Preventing ovarian cysts by alerting your gynecologists to changes in your menstrual cycle is absolutely necessary and increases the likelihood of the masses not being cancerous.

How to Prevent Ovarian Cysts from Forming

There are many ways that women can prevent the formation of ovarian cysts by taking charge of their health. For example, drinking filtered water that is of the highest quality possible is one suggestion. Another is to employ stress-relieving exercises and techniques.

Exercising regularly fixes hormonal imbalances. If you’re not sure where to start, speak to Dr. Ahmadinia during your next OBGYN appointment and ask his advice. It is he and his staff’s mission to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and ways to prevent it from happening to his patients.
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