Eating healthy has its benefits. This especially true when you’re carrying a child. The baby is dependent on you for nutrition. Choose the wrong foods, and you’ll know right away what a bad decision you made. You may be rewarded with heartburn or indigestion because of your food selection.

Here are some tips that make healthy eating easier for you while pregnant:

  1. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can. Make sure that your plate of food contains a rainbow of colors. If possible, eat the items raw because the more you cook food, the less nutritious it is. It loses some of its vitamins while being boiled, fried or sautéed.
  2. Stop eating when you’re full. Give yourself enough time to enjoy your meal without rushing. Sit your fork and spoon down between bites. Sip water and give yourself a chance to savor the flavor of your meal. Doing so helps you avoid overeating or making your stomach upset by rushing through the plate or bowl of food that you’re eating.
  3. Learn about food sensitivities. Keep a food journal and record anything that makes your stomach upset. You may be mildly allergic to this food, and when brought up to your doctor, you’re told to stop eating it. Food sensitivities may be passed down to your infant, too, so you’ll have the knowledge needed to provide that information to the hospital while you’re getting treated.
  4. Pack your own lunch. Don’t rely on others to do the hard work of providing a healthy meal for you. Instead, make your own healthy meals to bring with you. Storage containers make it easy to carry your favorite hot and cold soups without fear of them getting spilled in the process.
  5. Prepare in advance for meals outside the house. Know that eating for two doesn’t mean that you get to eat bad foods without repercussions. If you consume a poor diet for long enough, you may deprive your body and your baby’s body of the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to thrive. Bring your own delicious, nutritious foods with you or opt to eat the healthiest item on the menu.

Speak to Dr. Ahmadinia about your desire to eat more healthily in the future. He’ll provide you with tips like the ones listed above to follow. A visit to OBGYN High Desert provides you with the information necessary to feel great all year round.

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