Women with high risk pregnancies need special care. That’s where OBGYN Dr. Reza Ahmadinia comes in. Specializing in high risk pre-natal care and delivers, he’s the person that women in Apple Valley and Victorville trust to do what is right.

Not only does OBGYN High Desert work hard to make you comfortable when you’re in our care, but we also provide a long list of services to meet you and your baby’s needs. There are a number of reasons why your pregnancy may be considered high risk.

Work With Your Obstetrician Through Pregnancy

That doesn’t mean that you should be alarmed. It does, however, mean that your OBGYN, Dr. Reza Ahmadinia, will be monitoring closely for the next 40 weeks. Some of the factors of high-risk pregnancies include being older than age 35 when giving birth, being a teenage mother, being extremely overweight or underweight while pregnant, and having pre-existing health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even carrying more than one child in the womb.

For over a decade, Dr. Reza Ahmadinia has worked with patients with high-risk pregnancies. His concern is to help you deliver a beautiful, healthy baby. He goes the extra mile to follow up with you and make sure that you’re following his recommendations while pregnant. He knows that this increases the chances of you having a smooth delivery once your water breaks.

Trust Dr. Ahmadinia’s Experience & Knowledge

Trust your high risk pregnancy to an OBGYN in Apple Valley who possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience to take good care of you and your child. Dr. Reza Ahmadinia works hard to clear up any questions or concerns that you have about what makes your pregnancy require extra monitoring. His clinic, OBGYN High Desert, is staffed with caring, concerned individuals who help you feel right at home when you come in for your appointment.

Women from Victorville and the area surrounding Apple Valley refer their friends and family to Dr. Reza Ahmadinia. They trust his decisions and his vast base of knowledge about women’s health. It eases their minds knowing they have the best OBGYN to help with their high-risk pregnancy.

Visit 18112 Outer US. Hwy 18 Suite 101 in Apple Valley or call (760) 946-2243 to set up an appointment. OBGYN High Desert wants to congratulate you on your pregnancy and help you be the safest, happiest new mother you can be.
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