With spring fast approaching, it’s time to think about developing a sense of growth and renewal. You can do this through the cultivation of new healthy habits. Among the most important is to develop a trusting relationship with your OBGYN. Doing so enables you to ask the right questions and get support from the medical professional which ultimately leads to better health overall.

Additional ways to embrace spring by adopting new health habits include:

Drinking more water. H2O is essential to good health. It should be your number one beverage of choice. Not only does it keep the body from becoming dehydrated, but it also flushes out impurities and toxins. That way, your skin looks great and your body feels well. Chronic dehydration causes headaches, unclear thinking, and moodiness. Think of it this way. When you drink water, you’re exercising your right to be happy and healthy, and that’s very empowering!

Moving your body in a way that feels natural to you. Spring is the perfect time to try out new exercises. Think about starting a yoga practice or jogging when the weather is nice. If you can do physical activities outdoors, that’s a plus because you’ll have the added benefit of beautiful scenery, the inspiring sounds of nature, and fresh air. Find a place where you can work out regularly, and make it a point to hold space for the time that you’ve set aside for exercise. It’s your moment to get back in touch with your body and the natural world you live in.

Getting enough rest. As a woman, you may feel obligated to do more for your household now than you did in the past. Don’t let societal pressures compromise your health. Make rest a priority so that you feel like doing everything you’ve set out to do. Good sleep hygiene is imperative to excellent health. That’s why it’s important for you to go to bed at the same time every night, turn off electronic devices, and create the ideal atmosphere for you to sleep in temperature-wise. Blocking out any extra light helps, too, because it could stream in through the windows and wake you up abruptly.

Make health a priority this spring. Visit Dr. Ahmadinia at OBGYN High Desert for your annual check-up. Preventative maintenance ensures that small problems don’t worsen rapidly. If he does find an issue with your health, it can be addressed quickly and proactively.
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