A new baby brings a lot of excitement and anxiety. Rather than worry about your newborn’s arrival, why not get lost in all the planning that takes place to get ready for the baby? After all, it’s far more fun picking out colors for the nursery than it is to lose sleep getting caught up with anxious thoughts. Allow yourself to let go of expectations, take a deep breath, and live in the moment. After all, you only have one ‘first’ baby!

Here are ten incredible ways to prepare for the arrival of your newborn:

  • Pick a color scheme and theme for the nursery. You have so many amazing options to choose from. Half the fun is deciding which colors to paint the walls as well as the motif, character, or theme of the space.
  • Buy a baby book and start filling it out. There are plenty of spaces to record your thoughts before your baby is born. Take the time to do it now before your newborn commands all of your time.
  • Start writing letters for your baby to read on their fifth, fifteenth, and twenty-fifth birthdays. Make it a tradition. Keep them in a shoebox with instructions not to open them until they’ve reached a certain age.
  • Get with your family and friends and have a baby shower. Allow you and your baby to be showered with love and attention. Make sure that your baby shower gift registry is updated with the things you want and need.
  • Find new mommy groups in-person and online to become a part of. Make new friends and get the support you need to thrive through motherhood. You’ll be able to ask questions, share your stories, and even voice concerns in a safe environment.
  • Have a gender reveal party. Learn the gender of your baby at the same time your family and friends do. A gender reveal party is tons of fun.
  • Take maternity photos. Capture the beauty of being pregnant. You’ll love that the fact that you thought to do this.
  • Create a handmade gift for your baby. Knit or quilt a blanket, sew a toy, or paint a picture for your little one’s nursery. Connect to them before they even arrive through the act of creativity.
  • Pair up with another new mom to swap babysitting services. Learn to depend on each other. It’s a great way to have someone who can help out that is in a similar position as you as a new mother.
  • Frame the sonogram photo and hang it on the wall. Introduce your baby to the world before they’re even born. Once the child is born and gets older, keep adding pictures for however long you see fit.

Prepare for the arrival of your new baby by deciding which of the suggestions above appeal most to you. Each has its way of welcoming your newborn bundle of joy into the world. Being pregnant for the first time will be an experience you never forget. Make the most of the next nine months by planning for your child’s appearance. Dr. Ahmadinia and the staff of OBGYN High Desert are available to answer any questions you have about good nutrition, pelvic-strengthening exercises, and the birthing process. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have now or in the future.

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