Want to make your Valentine’s Day more memorable this year? Why not schedule laser hair removal services with OBGYN High Desert? Dr. Ahmadinia is ready and available to assist you with the procedure.

Look Your Best on Valentine’s Day

If you want to look your very best come February 14th, all you have to do is prepare for laser hair removal in advance by not irritating the treatment area. That means no self-tanning lotions or sprays, no tweezing, plucking, waxing, and shaving, and no sun exposure. You’ll also need to set aside some extra time because laser hair removal takes a couple of treatments to get satisfactory results.

Once you’ve had it done, though, you’ll notice a difference in how you look and feel. Your confidence levels will soar and you’ll find yourself doing things that you never had the courage to do because you were self-conscious. Feel free to wear sleeveless shirts or a bikini this year because of the treatments you had.

Here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day more memorable:

  • Take lots of photos with your love. If you’re single, remind others what a catch you are by taking new selfies to add to your social media accounts. People like seeing current photos of you. Make yours stand out by working with natural light and accenting your best features.
  • Go out to dinner at a place you’ve never tried before. New experiences are exciting. Do what you can to try new settings and cuisine. Invite someone out to dinner. It can be your significant other or one of your single friends. Wine, dine, and celebrate the excitement of a new year.
  • Let others know how much they mean to you. A simple text or message on social media is all it takes to make others know you care. Take a few minutes out of your day to draft a heartfelt message to send to your family and friends. For some people, it may be the only sentiment they receive all day so make it count. People will appreciate the gesture and continue to think highly of you for being the kind, thoughtful person that you are.

Now that you know what it takes to have a memorable Valentine’s Day, what are you doing to make it happen? Have you scheduled an appointment for laser hair removal yet? It’s a high demand service, especially around February 14th.

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