Today, there are many women who are interested in pursuing a medicine-free birthing experience, with minimal interventions. Dr. Ahmadinia welcomes patients at Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN who have created a natural birth plan, and often recommends that these women and their partners take natural birth classes. These classes are ideal for women in the High Desert area who are interested in a natural birth, but they are beneficial for any Hesperia patient who will be giving birth in the coming months.

Natural birth classes teach coping mechanisms and breathing techniques that can help women during the various stages of labor.
Lamaze is one of the most common natural birthing method programs in the United States. It provides women with the various options for a natural delivery, without encouraging or discouraging the use of medical intervention.

Women who participate in Lamaze classes will often find that they and their partners learn massage and breathing techniques that can be applied during labor, and communication skills that can benefit them during their birthing experience. Medical options and birthing procedures are often covered in these classes, in order to inform and educate mothers about what the process will be like.

The Bradley Method is another popular natural birthing technique. The Bradley Method discourages the use of medical intervention and allows a mother to understand that her body is made for this experience.

It incorporates the role of the father in the birthing experience and focuses on how the couple can achieve the goal of natural birth together. During the class, participants will learn about relaxation techniques, postpartum care and labor coaching methods.

The Alexander Method is a unique natural birthing class that focuses on teaching women how to relax their bodies, ultimately improving the body’s ability to work through the labor and delivery process. Many women who opt to take these classes start them earlier on in their pregnancy as it can help them remain comfortable, calm and relaxed during the pregnancy itself.

The class covers relaxation techniques that can be used during labor and delivery, and also teaches a woman to listen to her body’s urge to push and deliver the baby.

As an obstetrics and gynecology expert, Dr. Ahmadinia will try his best to adhere to any woman’s birthing plan. It’s important to recognize, however, that his main concern is with the health and safety of both the baby and the mother. Each type of natural birthing class has something to offer the patient, so women might find that one portion of a class might work for her while a technique from a different class is not as beneficial.

It’s important to keep an open mind during the labor process, and work with your entire birthing team in order to have a successful, happy and healthy experience. For more information on natural birthing classes in the area and helpful information about creating a birthing plan, contact Dr. Ahmadinia’s office today.

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