In today’s world of modern medicine, women who are expecting are often relieved to find out that they have choices during their childbirth experience. Dr. Ahmadinia, of Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, notes that women in labor can use a variety of safe and effective drugs that can help them manage their pain. High Desert patients can choose between having an epidural during labor, or opting for a natural birth experience. There is no right or wrong choice. Victorville women who are expecting should go over the benefits and risks associated with each choice, discuss them with their doctor and partner, and make the decision that is best for them.


An epidural is a form of anesthesia that is injected into the spine. Ultimately, this drug prevents the nerves in the spine from feeling pain or discomfort, which means that women do not feel contractions in the uterus, and they do not feel pain in their pelvis and perineum. The epidural is an extremely popular labor drug, with more than half of women in the United States requesting an epidural by name in the delivery room.

The epidural allows a woman to feel more comfortable during her labor, which can make her more efficient at delivering her baby. Many women also enjoy the fact that they are more present in the moment of their child’s birth as they are not overcome by pain and exhaustion at the time of delivery. The effects of the epidural will last for several hours, so some women are not able to get up out of bed for a little while after they deliver their baby.

Natural Birth

There is a rising movement, however, of women who want to approach birth from a natural standpoint. A natural birth is a birthing experience where the woman does not receive any drugs throughout her labor. This often requires great pain tolerance and forces a woman to find relaxation techniques that work for her. Natural birthing classes are offered in the local area for women who are interested in pursuing this birthing experience. Breathing techniques often help a woman relax while she is experiencing the most intense labor pains, but there are other natural birthing techniques available that are rising in popularity.

Examples of other natural birth coping techniques include water birthing and hypnobirthing. Some women opt to train their partners to become labor coaches while others hire professionals like doulas to help them throughout every portion of their natural childbirth experience. While the pain of a natural birth is intense, there are no lingering side effects after it is over. She can move around comfortably and get out of bed if necessary.

As an OB/GYN, Dr. Ahmadinia believes that each patient is unique and understands that every person has a different perspective throughout her pregnancy and birthing experience. He emphasizes the importance of education throughout a woman’s pregnancy, and attempts to provide her with all of the resources she needs in order to make a sound decision about her labor pain management. For more information on the epidural and natural birthing techniques, contact Dr. Ahmadinia’s office today.

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