February 14th through the 21st is Condom Week in the United States. The annual initiative emphasizes the importance of safe sex. It begins on Valentine’s Day and lasts for a week. It’s a good time to talk about sexual health, birth control, and STD prevention with your OBGYN so you can have your questions answered by a medical professional. Dr. Ahmadinia makes his patients feel comfortable in his presence by tending to their birth control and family planning needs in a timely manner.

Finding the Right OBGYN to Assist You is Self-Care at Its Finest

Having a medical professional to speak to about reproductive health and protection is key. It makes the subject less taboo and allows you to share what you’ve learned with other people. That way, you’re able to benefit others with your knowledge and also convince them that seeing an OBGYN regularly is the ultimate act of self-care.

Feeling capable of speaking about subjects such as your sexual health, family planning, and disease protection is something that Dr. Ahmadinia wants for you. He works hard to build a rapport with his patients and gets to know them as individuals. That way, the advice he provides is relevant and easy to follow because it feels personal.

Why Condoms?

For many women, condoms are an easier option because they’re readily available, affordable, and effective in preventing disease and pregnancy. Other forms of contraception may require a prescription or a surgical procedure to implant the device. Condoms are sold at supermarkets, big-box retailers, drugstores, and online through virtual retailers, making them plentiful and easy to keep on hand for sexual encounters.

Male and female condoms exist with the male version being the most popular. This form of contraception is 98% effective against unplanned pregnancy. Women can get pregnant if they use condoms as their only form of birth control which is something that your OBGYN will explain to you during the time of your appointment.

Make February Be a Month of Sexual Awareness and Empowerment

Use February as a reason to discuss birth control options with Dr. Ahmadinia. Condoms are easily available, effective, and affordable. If other birth control methods interest you, don’t be afraid to ask about them the next time you visit OBGYN High Desert. Knowledge is power, and an informed patient knows what is best for her body.

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