Complications during pregnancy put you and your child at risk. That’s why you should do what it takes to ensure that you are healthy throughout the nine months that you carry your child. Having an OBGYN like Dr. Reza Ahmadinia who specializes in high-risk pregnancies makes a world of difference because you have access to his knowledge and expertise.

Consult Your Obstetrician

He urges you to contact OBGYN High Desert immediately if you experience dizziness, difficulty breathing, fever or chills. He also wants to see if you if you have a persistent headache, blurred vision, swollen hands or face or have fallen or suffered a blow to the stomach. There may be additional concerns if you’ve gained weight too quickly, too.

Vaginal bleeding, water leakage, vaginal discharge, and sharp pains while urinating can indicate a bigger problem. These are not problems to overlook. They need immediate attention.

Other issues that may occur later on in a pregnancy include big changes in how the baby moves, vomiting and diarrhea, pressure in the thighs and area around the vagina, and lower back pain. If you experience this type of problem at any time, you should call Dr. Ahmadinia day or night. If you don’t, a less serious problem can become life-threatening.

Understanding Symptoms

Knowing what symptoms cause alarm helps you determine whether or not you need immediate care. That’s why it’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions throughout your pregnancy. Making sure that you schedule regular appointments lessens the likelihood of you experiencing problems throughout your pregnancy.

A safe and healthy pregnancy is what Dr. Ahmadinia wants for you. That’s why he goes to the lengths that he does to keep you informed and aware of potential problems. Having a good doctor on your side helps alleviate stress by giving you greater peace of mind.

Women in Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hesperia trust Dr. Ahmadinia. His years of experience, commitment to his patients, and pleasant demeanor are what make his patients refer their friends and family members to OBGYN High Desert.
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