There are some things you would probably rather not tell or perhaps fabricate the truth a wee bit about with your gynecologist. But let the truth be known because there isn’t anything you cannot tell Dr. Ahmadinia, for chances are that he has heard and seen it all before dozens of times already.

How Many Sexual Partners Have You Had?

That can be an embarrassing question whether you have had one or many. Dr. Ahmadinia is not there to judge you: he is there to keep you healthy, and the more information he has, the better job he can do to help keep you healthy.

If You Have Been Sexually Abused

Whether you’re worried about STDs, pregnancy, or just need someone to talk to, Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN can help you.

Funky Smell

This is generally a sign of a pH imbalance or an infection that your gynecologist can treat. Another common and relatively unknown cause is a piece of a tampon that was left inside.

Painful Sex

Regardless of your age, if sex is painful, you need to tell your gynecologist. You may simply have vaginal dryness, or your uterus may be tilted. Your birth control or medication could also be causing the problem. However, you won’t know until you talk to your gynecologist.

If You’ve Had Unprotected Sex

So, you made a mistake and did not use a condom: the good news is that you got your period, so you’re not pregnant… but what about STDs? You should be checked for them, for some STDs do not have any symptoms such as chlamydia while others can be dormant for several years such as HPV. The bottom line is you need to be examined and treated if you have an STD.

If Your Period Has Been Out of Whack Lately

Even if you are positive you are not pregnant, and you are having changes in your period, you need to tell your gynecologist because you may have an infection, hormone imbalance, or a cyst, which are all things that can be treated.

Low Sex Drive

If your sex drive has suddenly become low, you should discuss this with your OBGYN. Chances are that there is a reason for it and that it can be fixed.

Abnormal Discharge

Tell your gynecologist if you have had any abnormal discharge. Dr. Ahmadinia can help identify what is causing it and can treat it.

Medications and Supplements

If you are planning on getting pregnant or need surgery, the medications and supplements you take may have an adverse effect and may lead to problems.

Pregnancy Plans

You should always tell your OBGYN if you are planning on getting pregnant. Your gynecologist can provide you with advice on healthy eating and exercise and can make sure any medications or supplements are safe, etc.

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