September is Sexual Health Awareness Month. The annual initiative aims to help women (and men) take charge of their sexual health by raising awareness about just how important it is. That is the approach Dr. Reza Ahmadinia has taken throughout his career at OBGYN High Desert. For over a decade, he has been helping women in Apple Valley, Victorville, and Hesperia make informed decisions about their sexual health. He does this through education and instruction which makes his patients partners in advocating for their own physical health and mental well-being.

Women’s Health Services & Examinations

The esteemed OBGYN offers a range of women’s health services including annual exams and STD tests as well as prenatal, postnatal, and menopausal care. He helps women through all stages of their lives and even provides breast care, 3D/4D sonograms, and da Vinci robotics hysterectomies. This allows patients from all ages and stages of life to receive quality gynecological services from an OBGYN that they know and trust.

Good sexual health starts with being well-informed. When you know why you’re taking the steps that you’ve taken to protect yourself from disease, you’re better able to come up with a plan of action that fits your lifestyle. There is no shame in meeting with and explaining your thought process to Dr. Ahmadinia because he makes every visit comfortable and confidential.

If you haven’t yet started scheduling regular exams and appointments with the trustworthy OBGYN, now is the time you did so. If you’re of childbearing age and have thought about or are having sexual intercourse, it’s important to take the steps necessary to protect your sexual and physical health. Having a gynecologist in your area that you’ve been to, know, and feel comfortable going to is a valuable tool that could potentially save your life.

Speaking to Your OBGYN About Birth Control & Pregnancy

If you’re looking to start taking birth control because you’re sexually active, let the doctor know. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to get pregnant but are experiencing difficulty, it’s important that you have this discussion with Dr. Ahmadinia. He’ll come up with a plan of action that is specific to you and the needs that you have as a woman. If he administers a urine-based pregnancy test and discovers that you are pregnant, he’ll have you start taking prenatal vitamins, which help the baby grow and develop, right away.

Speak to the helpful staff at OBGYN High Desert about your needs and take charge of your sexual health this September during Sexual Health Awareness Month. In addition to STD screenings, Dr. Ahmadinia assists with birth control and other gynecological issues. He goes the extra mile to make you understand what he is doing and why.

He also gives you detailed instructions as to how to take good care of yourself throughout the upcoming months. It doesn’t matter what age or stage in life you’re in, having good gynecological and sexual health is what matters to the doctor. He wants to enhance your happiness and well-being by giving you the tools that you need to not only survive but thrive, too.
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