Endometriosis occurs when menstrual tissue backs up in a woman’s body. The cause of the disease isn’t known, but there are a number of theories as to why this occurs. The issue at hand is that the disease causes a lot of pain if left untreated which is why it’s important to speak to Dr. Ahmadinia about your symptoms when you visit OBGYN High Desert.

Symptoms of Endometriosis as You Might Experience Them

Some of the symptoms that women with endometriosis experience include painful menstruation, pain when engaging in sexual intercourse, infertility, fatigue, trouble urinating during periods, painful bowel movements, diarrhea, nausea, and constipation. Because every woman is different, you may also have other symptoms that include allergic reactions to your environment, chemical sensitivities, and yeast infections. Do not discount these symptoms as they may be signs that you have endometriosis.

No Two Women are the Same

No two women are exactly alike, so you may experience one or several symptoms at once. Anything that causes you discomfort and keeps you from living life as you’re used to living it is worth mentioning to the OBGYN. He’ll be able to assist you with easing the discomfort and giving you a plan of action that fits your lifestyle.

How is Endometriosis Diagnosed?

A laparoscopy is a surgical procedure that helps determine where the growths are in a woman’s body. It lets Dr. Ahmadinia know how big they are and also how far they extend. This gives him an idea as to how to treat them and if surgery is necessary to improve his patient’s health.

Set Up an Appointment with Dr. Ahmadinia Right Away

Contact OBGYN High Desert to set up an appointment to visit with Dr. Ahmadinia right away. Early detection can prevent endometriosis symptoms from worsening. The OBGYN will give you the care that you need to take charge of your health in a positive and productive way.

See for yourself how well Dr. Ahmadinia treats his patients. He takes your concerns about endometriosis seriously. He’ll ask about your family history and learn more about the symptoms that you’re having.

This helps him properly diagnosis and treat the disease effectively. If the pain from endometriosis is too severe for you, let him know immediately so it can be addressed without worsening. Taking charge of your health starts with your ability to communicate with your OBGYN.

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