Da Vinci® Surgery

Is the da Vinci Hysterectomy Right for You?

Over 600,000 women have hysterectomies each year. Removing the uterus is a common gynecological procedure done by OBGYNs like Dr. Reza Ahmadinia at OBGYN High Desert. He sees patients from Apple Valley and Victorville on a daily basis who need this type of surgery done.
What is the da Vinci Hysterectomy Surgery?
The da Vinci Hysterectomy Technique differs from other hysterectomy surgeries because it allows the doctor to perform the procedure with a robotic surgery assistant by […]

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May 3rd, 2016|OBGYN News|

Various Methods of Hysterectomy

If you’ve been told you need a hysterectomy, chances are you’re anxious and wondering what the procedure will involve. While traditional hysterectomies are still performed, if you’re a patient of Dr. Reza Ahmadinia, you’ll be happy to know you’re in the best of hands as he uses the very latest in technology for the comfort and benefit of his patients.
Why Have A Hysterectomy?
A hysterectomy is a common procedure, as it is performed on over 600,000 […]

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January 23rd, 2016|OBGYN News|

3D 4D Ultrasound Tips

Recent technological advancements have made the ultrasound process far more fun and enjoyable for parents who are expecting a new baby. In the past, most ultrasounds that were performed provided parents with a shadowy image and outline of their growing baby, one that could be hard to see sometimes. Now, 3D/ 4D ultrasounds are available, allowing expectant parents in the High Desert region to have a better idea of what their new baby is going […]

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January 23rd, 2015|OBGYN News|

Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy with da Vinci® Robotic Surgery

The hysterectomy procedure is a surgical operation in which a woman’s uterus is removed from the body. This is a relatively common procedure for women as nearly 600,000 operations of this kind are performed each day. Women have this operation performed for a variety of reasons, at various stages of life. In many cases, this procedure is performed on High Desert women who are entering menopause and experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding, pain, pelvic pressure or […]

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December 10th, 2013|OBGYN News|