At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we help expecting parents through all of the challenges that becoming a parent can present, including information on how to deal with factors outside of pregnancy. We discuss the preparation for maternity leave. Taking care of a much as possible before you have your baby is a great way to help you reduce stress during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

How to start the process?

Keep in mind that you are not alone in this. The first step is to discuss the process with your partner. Together you should make a plan. That plan should include how much maternity leave you both want to take from your jobs. The plan should also include financial details like developing savings goals specifically to help cover lost wages from work. The better prepared you are financially, the more options you have as to when to start maternity leave. This means that you might be able to start earlier or take more time after your baby is born. The more that you are able to accomplish during your pregnancy the more quality time you can spend with your baby when it is born.

When to let your Employer Know?

Usually the best time to bring your boss into the loop is after the first trimester. It is important that you find the integrity to let your boss know that you are pregnant, and what your plans are for maternity leave and afterwards. The reasoning is that you can sometimes work ahead to help cover your workload while you are gone. There are other options to consider too. Sometimes you might be able to work from home on a sporadic basis that does not diminish from the time you spend with your baby. If you are planning to return to work and to your current job, then letting your employer know early allows your boss to help you plan for that transition. You certainly should talk with the HR department about all of the family leave/maternity leave options that are available to you. Knowing your options is powerful. The High Desert business community is usually supportive of expectant mothers.

How to make a plan to cover your absence?

Dr. Ahmadinia wants you to consider the impact that your absence from work will have on your job. Your job is a relationship, and as such also requires special attention. Discussing with your boss how to handle projects that are in the process, and new projects that are pending can help both your boss and yourself overcome any stresses that a maternity leave can have on the relationship you have with your boss. Being proactive in helping to decide how your workload is taken care of while you are gone communicates your willingness to continue to be part of your employers team. It is a positive for both you and your boss.

Apple Valley is a wonderful place to live, work and raise your family. Dr. Ahmadinia and the Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN hope that you find this information helpful. What you should take away from this is the importance of planning your maternity leave.

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