High Desert couples that are struggling with infertility often want to know what the solution is for their condition. They want to conceive a baby and carry it to term so that they can fulfill their goal of becoming parents. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we work with Apple Valley women who are struggling to become pregnant in order to determine the root cause of their infertility. Once the cause of infertility has been determined, we begin talking about treatment options that are available and the chances of having a successful pregnancy.

When Are Fertility Drugs Used?

Fertility drugs are used when a couple is having a difficult time conceiving a baby. A couple is considered to be struggling with infertility if the woman is under the age of 35, has no known health conditions and has been trying to get pregnant for 12 months. If a woman is over the age of 35 and has been trying to conceive for 6 months, she may be eligible for fertility treatments.

How Do Fertility Drugs Work?

Fertility drugs are designed to increase the levels of reproductive hormones in the body, and are often used to help a woman ovulate. In some cases, the fertility drugs result in the release of more than one egg in order to increase the chances of conception. In addition, fertility drugs also are used as a complement to other assisted reproductive treatments, such as in-vitro fertilization.

What is the Success Rate of Fertility Drugs?

Fertility drugs have been used with great success for many years now. Your OBGYN will work with you in order to determine which drugs would be the right choice for your particular fertility issues. It is important to remember that there are side effects to fertility drugs, including hormonal changes, mood changes, weight gain and an increased risk for multiples when pregnancy occurs. You should weigh the benefits and the risks of fertility drugs with your OBGYN and your partner before making a final decision regarding your fertility treatments.

Infertility can be a devastating diagnosis for a couple that is trying to conceive, but it is important to remember that nearly 90 percent of all infertility issues can be treated and solved. Dr. Ahmadinia works with each couple on an individual basis in order to properly diagnose the infertility issue and create a personalized treatment plan designed to meet the individual needs of the couple. In many cases, fertility drugs can be used to assist the infertility treatment process, and are combined with other measures in order to achieve pregnancy. If you are struggling with fertility issues, contact Dr. Ahmadinia’s office in order to set up an appointment.

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