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How to Have a Healthy Apple Valley Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy includes regular examinations with an OBGYN that you trust. Dr. Reza Ahmadinia is that person. His years of experience assisting pregnant women in the Apple Valley and Victorville area has gained him the reputation of being a knowledgeable, caring professional that patients trust. It doesn’t matter what stage of your pregnancy you’re in; it’s important to take good care of yourself pre- and post-delivery.

Some reasons to call Dr. Ahmadinia right away include:


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June 21st, 2016|OBGYN News|

Taking Care of Long Term Stress

Long-term stress takes its toll on your mind, body, and soul. It interferes with your relationships and makes you do things out of character. It causes a myriad of health problems and can contribute to academic, financial, professional, familial, and legal woes. If you feel like stress has a stronghold on you, you’re not alone. Many women feel exactly like you do and notice changes in their bodies because of the things they are going […]

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June 13th, 2016|OBGYN News|