Prenatal Yoga

Overcoming Stress During Pregnancy

For most women, a normal amount of stress during pregnancy is perfectly safe. In cases of severe stress due to the mental pressure or depression, abuse, being injured in a traumatic way, etc. can lead to premature labor and other complications. It is unlikely that any of the above for mentioned things will happen to you during your pregnancy, but if they do visit Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN in Apple Valley. and talk to Dr. Ahmadinia. […]

November 27th, 2015|OBGYN News|

What Is a Healthy Weight While Pregnant

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in a woman’s life. You body changes and grows to support the new little life you are nourishing. The question is how much weight should you gain during your pregnancy. Many women literately believe that because they are “eating for two” that they can and should eat everything and anything they want. That is not true, you should only gain 25-30 pounds that is an average of […]

April 24th, 2015|OBGYN News|

Baby Bonding before Birth

A pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, and during that time, women will dream about the day that they meet their baby. They will imagine what their little one will look like, and look forward to the moment where they instantly bond with their newborn child. Continue reading “Baby Bonding before Birth” »

February 27th, 2015|OBGYN News|

Preparing for Labor

As a woman nears her due date, it’s time to start preparing for labor and delivery. While a woman’s pregnancy is estimated to last for about 40 weeks, it’s important to remember that a baby can come a few weeks early or a couple weeks late. Continue reading “Preparing for Labor” »

January 30th, 2015|OBGYN News|

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal yoga is a form of yoga practice that is specially designed for expectant mothers. Throughout High Desert, many women decide that this is an activity that they would like to try during their pregnancy.

Most prenatal yoga programs are safe for women throughout their entire pregnancy, whether they are in the first, second or third trimester. Apple Valley women who are considering this form of exercise should talk with the experts at Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN […]

July 14th, 2014|OBGYN News|