Reaverse Tubal Ligation

Prolonged vs. Quick Labor

Every woman is different and therefore every individual pregnancy is different. High Desert women will find that their labor and delivery experience is uniquely their own, and there are two different types of labor experiences that women may endure. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we believe that our Apple Valley patients should understand the difference between prolonged labor and rapid labor. This will help them make the best decisions for their own health and their baby’s […]

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November 17th, 2014|OBGYN News|

Possible to Reverse Tubal Ligation?

A tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure that can be performed on High Desert women in order to prevent pregnancy in the future. It is considered a long-term and lasting form of birth control, but in some cases women who opt to have this procedure performed want to know whether they can have it reversed. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we have found that most Victorville women want to have this surgery reversed because they have […]

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May 23rd, 2014|OBGYN News|