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What Are Braxton Hicks Contractions?

Pregnant women in the High Desert region often report that they experience discomfort in their abdominal area or a tight feeling around their uterus every once in a while during their pregnancy. Many Apple Valley patients are startled to find out that these sensations are actually contractions — but they are not the kind that are dilating the cervix and preparing the body for delivery.

Known as Braxton Hicks contractions, these uterine contractions are simply preparing […]

July 31st, 2014|OBGYN News|

2D vs. 3D / 4D Ultrasound

Many expectant mothers look forward to their prenatal ultrasound appointments, and they love the fact that they get to see what their baby looks like prior to its arrival. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we recognize that many High Desert women are considering having 3D or 4D ultrasounds during their pregnancy. Continue reading “2D vs. 3D / 4D Ultrasound” »

July 25th, 2014|OBGYN News|

Prenatal Ultrasound


A prenatal ultrasound is a routine procedure that is performed at least once and sometimes more than once during each woman’s pregnancy. Many women in the High Desert region look forward to their prenatal ultrasound appointments, because it gives them a chance to catch a glimpse of the growing baby inside their body.

At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we recommend that women research prenatal ultrasounds in order to understand what will take place during these appointments and […]

July 18th, 2014|OBGYN News|

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga


Prenatal yoga is a form of yoga practice that is specially designed for expectant mothers. Throughout High Desert, many women decide that this is an activity that they would like to try during their pregnancy.

Most prenatal yoga programs are safe for women throughout their entire pregnancy, whether they are in the first, second or third trimester. Apple Valley women who are considering this form of exercise should talk with the experts at Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN […]

July 14th, 2014|OBGYN News|