Hundreds of High Desert women will have babies and return to work shortly after they give birth, taking on a new and exciting challenge of balancing professional life with the responsibilities of motherhood. There are many things to take into consideration when making this transition back to work, and your OBGYN can help you manage your physical health as well as your emotional health during this time. Dr. Ahmadinia has found that the following tips have helped Apple Valley women become working moms who are happy with their careers and thriving in their roles as mothers.

How Can I Transition to Being a Working Mom?

The biggest step in this transition will be finding the right childcare for your infant. For some women, a day care center is the best option, while others might prefer to hire a nanny or a family member to stay with your baby in your own home. Mothers should come to this decision after doing thorough research and performing many interviews, allowing them to determine which childcare decision is best for their family. Once childcare has been secured, it is important to introduce your infant to their caregivers. Talk with the caregiver about potential schedules for you and the baby, and be very clear about your expectations during this time. Honesty and open communication lead to the best childcare relationships.

Working moms will also have to decide if breast pumping is the best choice for them. Women who choose to feed their babies breast milk will not be able to nurse them exclusively once they return to work. It is important to introduce the baby to the bottle for several weeks prior to returning to work, and to develop a breast pumping schedule. Pumping can impact a woman’s supply, so this should be taken into account when creating a plan for feeding the baby once you return to work. You also should know where you will be able to pump while at work, and how you will store your breast milk after it has been pumped.

Prepare yourself and your baby for the transition by utilizing gradual separation techniques. At first, maybe take a short trip to the store by yourself and leave your baby with a caregiver. Then, spend several hours away from the baby on another day in order to prepare your child for the experience. Soon, your baby will understand that when you leave you always return, and you will know that you can leave your baby and accomplish your goals for the day without worry.

Being a working mom can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and these tips can help women prepare for the transition. Ultimately, communication is the biggest factor in having a successful transition from maternity leave to professional life. Being honest with caregivers, as well as your supervisor, will allow you to balance your many different priorities, and feel good about all of the choices that you make each day for yourself and your infant.

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