When a woman finds out that she is expecting, she experiences a wide range of emotions. Some might at first feel fearful, nervous or anxious, while others may be overjoyed about the life that is growing inside of them.

All of those feelings and emotions are amplified when a High Desert woman finds out she is expecting twins. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, we provide our mothers who are expecting twins with expert care and guidance. We have found that these are common concerns and questions that people in Victorville have had when they hear the news that twins are on the way.

What Can I Expect From a Twin Delivery?

The method of delivering twins will vary based on the patient’s desires, the position of the babies and the preferences of the doctor. In some cases, doctors prefer to only deliver twins via c-section because they feel it is the best, safest and most reliable way to deliver the babies.

In other cases, an OB/GYN may attempt a vaginal delivery if the circumstances allow. A vaginal delivery can be attempted if both babies are in the head-down fetal position. In some cases, one twin may be delivered vaginally but the second twin may have to be delivered via c-section.

How Can I Manage the Heartburn I am Experiencing?

Heartburn is a common complaint among moms who are carrying multiples. Heartburn during pregnancy is caused by the increased size of the uterus, which puts pressure on the stomach.

During a twin pregnancy, the uterus increases to an even larger size. Ultimately, this results in more severe heartburn. The best way for expectant mothers to relieve heartburn is to eat more calories than normal, but enjoy smaller meals more frequently.

What is the Best Way to Feed More than One Baby?

The most important thing is to be sure that each baby is nourished and full. Breastfeeding is an option for moms who are expecting twins, but women should recognize that it will be much more demanding than nursing one infant.Women who are interested in breastfeeding their twins once they have arrived are encouraged to work with a lactation consultant who can help them develop a schedule and routine.

A professional lactation consultant will understand the needs and demands of twins while also understanding the needs of the mother. Women who utilize the resources available and also have the support necessary are more likely to be successful when attempting to breastfeed twins.

Twins are not as uncommon as many people believe, so it’s important to remember that your OBGYN is quite familiar with this experience. Patients who are expecting twins are invited to work with Dr. Ahmadinia throughout their pregnancy.

All questions and concerns can be addressed during routine prenatal appointments, and a personalized birth plan will be created for each mother on an individual basis. Like a singleton pregnancy, each twin pregnancy is different, and both the mother and the babies will have different needs. Dr. Ahmadinia works to provide the absolute best care for all moms who are expecting twins within this practice.

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