Apple Valley women who are hoping to become pregnant in the near future may not even realize that they can prepare in advance for a healthy pregnancy. There are several steps that a woman can take in order to prepare her body as well as prepare herself mentally for pregnancy. At Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN, our goal is to provide High Desert women with the support and resources that they need throughout the entire process. This begins with preconception appointments, and continues after the woman delivers her baby.

How Can a Woman Prepare for a Healthy Pregnancy?

Women should schedule a preconception appointment with their OBGYN before they begin trying to conceive a child. During a preconception appointment, the patient can discuss her personal health history with the doctor. She also can talk about any fertility issues she might have, or ask any questions about conceiving a child. Some women opt to do genetic screening at this time. A preconception appointment allows a woman to feel confident in her own health prior to becoming pregnant.

Instead of waiting until they become pregnant, women should adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine prior to conception. Women should be of the mindset that they are preparing their body to carry a child. Eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet will improve a woman’s health, and exercise will help keep her at an ideal BMI. It is recommended that women who are trying to conceive have a BMI between 20 and 25. If a woman’s BMI is over 30, she may have an increased risk for complications throughout her pregnancy. Experts in the medical industry recommend exercising for about 30 minutes each day while trying to conceive.

In order to minimize the risks to the baby should a woman become pregnant, she should alter her beauty routine while trying to conceive. Certain beauty products can cause complications in the pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Women who are trying to conceive should avoid dying their hair, getting acrylic nails or using chemicals in order to straighten their hair. This is just an extra safety measure that women can take in order to prepare their body for pregnancy as well as protect the unborn child that they may not even know they are carrying at the time.

A woman’s physical and emotional health will have a large impact on her entire pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experience. Dr. Ahmadinia works with each woman on an individual basis in order to help her prepare her body and mind for pregnancy. Women who are interested in learning more about preconception health are invited to set up an appointment with Dr. Ahmadinia in order to discuss their own personal health history and their goals for their future pregnancy.

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