Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN provides excellent care for the pregnant woman in the Apple Valley and Victorville areas of Los Angeles County. Dr. Ahmadinia takes the time to make sure all of his patients understand the importance of their pregnancy symptoms.

There are several normal symptoms of pregnancy, and there are a few that are not normal and require a visit to Dr. Ahmadinia for further evaluation.

While all the symptoms of pregnancy are important, there is a few that rank a bit higher than others do. For instance, before you know you are pregnant you are likely to start experiencing symptoms.

These early pregnancy symptoms can be an indicator that you may need to make a few lifestyle changes to make sure you have a healthy baby. If you smoke or drink you would want to quit.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

A missed period is often the first sign you may be pregnant. Early symptoms often include tender breasts, heavy feeling breasts, nausea, more emotional than usual, and urinating more than usual.

First Trimester Symptoms

During your first trimester you may still experience some or all of the early symptoms of pregnancy. The following symptoms are also common: morning sickness, acne outbreaks, and an increase in emotions (happy one minute and crying the next).

Second & Third Trimester Symptoms

Again the early symptoms and first trimester symptoms may still be lingering but that is perfectly normal and healthy. Now, in the third trimester, you may begin to experience stretch marks, varicose veins, and itchy skin (this is common because your skin is stretching). Other symptoms may include a change in your skin color pigmentation (again normal), food craving (often strange combinations of food), and breast leakage. In addition, you may feel constantly tired, and, of course, your baby kicking up a storm.

Uncommon Pregnancy Symptoms to be Aware of

Spotting or bleeding anytime during your pregnancy is a reason to call Dr. Ahmadinia. Other uncommon pregnancy symptoms that require a call or visit to Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN include the following; sudden swelling in your feet or any part of your body (could be an indicator of Toxemia), during early pregnancy severe pain in either side could be an ectopic pregnancy that requires immediate medical treatment, if you baby is unusually quiet or has stopped moving around call your doctor. Every pregnant woman should “Count the Kicks” starting in their third trimester (inquire Dr. Ahmadinia about it for more information).

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