Deciding to have your newborn circumcised is a personal decision based on your religion and personal beliefs about the subject. Many parents opt to have the foreskin removed from the tip of their child’s penis for hygiene purposes. Others do it because society deems it normal.

Dr. Ahmadinia Provides a Comfortable and Safe Environment for Your Child

Whatever your reasoning is, visiting Victorville Newborn Circumcision Specialist Dr. Ahmadinia is ideal because he goes to great extremes to make you and your baby comfortable during the procedure. It only takes a matter of minutes to complete and can be done shortly after the baby is born.

Healing Occurs Quickly When Monitored Daily

Healing requires monitored care, but it occurs quickly, so you shouldn’t worry. Most babies have a ring placed on their penis. When that ring has fallen off, they are likely to be fully healed from the circumcision.

Making sure that area remains clean is up to you as the baby’s parent. Following the OBGYN’s advice for aftercare is ideal. That way there is less risk of infection.

Benefits of Having a Baby Boy Circumcised at Birth

Some of the benefits of having your child circumcised include fewer foreskin infections and urinary tract infections, less likelihood of developing penile cancer, fewer sexually transmitted diseases, and no issues with phimosis which makes retracting the foreskin an impossibility.

What You’ll Do If You Don’t Choose to Have the Child Circumcised

If you don’t decide to go along with the procedure, you’ll need to show your child how to clean his foreskin while he is young. He’ll need to be able to pull the skin away to expose the head of the penis. The fold is washed with soap and warm water before being placed back over the head of the penis.

You’ll do this for the child while he is a baby. While potty training and helping the boy to be more independent, you’ll show him how to do it himself. That way, he doesn’t have health issues as he ages.

Talk to OBGYN High Desert About When It’s Best to Have the Procedure Done

Have your newborn baby boy circumcised by a trusted medical professional in the community. Dr. Ahmadinia does everything he can to make the procedure quick and as painless as possible. He provides sound advice on how to care for the surgical area since the baby can’t do it himself.