Victorville High Risk Prenatal Care Expert Dr. Reza Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert provides excellent around-the-clock care for patients who visit his practice while pregnant. Women who are teenagers or over the age of 35, have pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes or cancer or are overweight can be considered high risk. The OBGYN recognizes that there are greater risks with these types of pregnancies which is why extra care and monitoring are required by the doctor.

Extra Monitoring Takes Place for Women Who Have High Risk Pregnancies

Women who have high risk pregnancies see Dr. Ahmadinia more than women who don’t have risk factors like the ones mentioned above. It’s imperative that the OBGYN continues to monitor your health closely so that complications don’t occur and go untreated. The goal of the doctor is to make sure that you deliver a healthy baby without medical issues by your due date.

Pregnancy Tests in Office Verify the Fact That You’re Pregnant

If you haven’t yet seen a doctor but suspect that you’re pregnant, requesting a pregnancy test at OBGYN High Desert is the first step in confirming your pregnancy. The tests that Dr. Ahmadinia administers are 97 percent to 99 percent accurate. If it is determined that you are pregnant, you’ll be asked to start taking a prenatal vitamin right away.

You’ll also be scheduled for a follow-up appointment. If your medical history, problems with past pregnancies, age or weight are of concern to Dr. Ahmadinia, he will name the pregnancy “high risk” and come up with a plan of action that benefits you and your child. That way, you won’t have problems during pregnancy or as you go into labor and deliver the baby.

Pre-Natal Vitamins are a Must-Have for Preventing Birth Defects

Rich with folic acid, the supplement helps prevent birth defects such as spinal bifida which cause a myriad of problems for your baby. Most women’s diets are void of folate, the producer of red blood cells and the neural tube in a baby’s brain and spinal cord. Therefore, a prenatal vitamin is a must-have for any woman of childbearing age who may become pregnant.

Contact High Risk Prenatal Care Specialist Dr. Ahmadinia to Set Up an Appointment

Check out all the services that Victorville High Risk Prenatal Care Specialist Dr. Ahmadinia offers. You’re in good hands with the experienced professional. The OBGYN ensures that you and your unborn child are as healthy as you possibly can be throughout your pregnancy.