Women experiencing heavy bleeding during menstruation that medication has not helped turn to Victorville endometrial ablation for relief. An option recommended and done by Dr. Ahmadinia at OBGYN High Desert, the surgical procedure corrects the problem by destroying a thin layer of the uterus lining. It’s not suggested until it is known that a prescription pill won’t take care of the issue for the patient.

Who is Not a Good Candidate for Victorville Endometrial Ablation?

The procedure is not right for women who no longer have a period, have recently been pregnant, experience any disorder concerning the uterus or endometrium, have cancer or an infection in the uterus or have been diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia. If you are not affected by any of these issues and still bleed heavily, speaking to your OBGYN about potentially having endometrial ablation done helps. It will not completely get rid of your menstrual cycle, but it will slow down the bleeding considerably.

What You Should Do to Prepare for the Procedure

First, discuss the different types of endometrial ablation with your Victorville-based doctor to determine which is right for you. Dr. Ahmadinia likely has a few techniques he uses regularly and prefers. Next, confirm your scheduled appointment so you’re able to show up on time. You’ll want to have someone with you that can drive you home because you may feel some discomfort after the doctor completes the procedure.

Prepare to experience symptoms. You may or may not feel nauseous, cramp like you were having your menstrual cycle, urinate frequently, and notice a thin, watery discharge that lasts for days or weeks. If you can’t get past your symptoms within a reasonable amount of time, it’s best to follow up with the OBGYN about your next course of action. That way, you’re not uncomfortable longer than you need to be following the Victorville procedure that you experienced with Dr. Ahmadinia.

Contact the Clinic Today to Set Up an Appointment for Endometrial Ablation

Setting up an appointment to visit OBGYN High Desert after experiencing persistent heavy bleeding is highly recommended. That way, Dr. Ahmadinia has a chance to see a patient and determine if his Victorville endometrial ablation treatment option will work for them. If you continue bleeding after being prescribed meds and you’re not past menopause age or have a serious disease such as uterine cancer, don’t hesitate to contact your OBGYN right away.