When baby boys are born, they have a piece of skin covering their penises. The foreskin is something that is often surgically removed so that the tip of the penis is exposed. American culture has mixed views on circumcision. Some parents are for the procedure while others feel it is unnecessary.

Babies Must Be in Good Health to Be Circumcised

In order for Dr. Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert to do a newborn circumcision, the baby must be in good health. The procedure is done during the first few days of life unless it is part of a religious ceremony. The gynecologist does it quickly which can cause the baby to cry.

Aftercare Following the Procedure Prevents Infection

Afterward, Hesperia Newborn Circumcision Specialist Dr. Ahmadinia provides suggestions for aftercare to prevent the area from getting infected. Parents should watch the area carefully. It may appear to be raw or have a yellow color for seven to ten days following the circumcision procedure.

Carefully washing the area with mild soap prevents it from becoming infected. Changing diapers regularly is advisable, too, so urine and stool do not come into contact with the incision. A bandage or plastic ring is applied by the gynecologist at the time of the procedure.

The ring drops off within five to eight days. Parents can change the bandage with each diaper change. A thin layer of petroleum jelly keeps the gauze from sticking.

Why Choose Dr. Ahmadinia

Many people choose to bring their babies to Dr. Ahmadinia because they feel like he is the Hesperia Newborn Circumcision Expert. They like how gentle he is with their child and know that he will go out of his way to make sure that the baby boy is as comfortable as possible.

Hesperia residents know how hard Dr. Ahmadinia has worked to establish his practice throughout the area. He is a medical professional that people trust and for a good reason. He provides excellent care to babies and their mothers.

If you need to have your baby circumcised, contact OBGYN High Desert right away. You’ll find that setting up an appointment is very easy. Dr. Ahmadinia welcomes you and your child to his practice.

He will meet with you and tell you everything you need to do to keep your baby safe and healthy following the circumcision process. That way, there won’t be any complications. Your baby boy will be healthy and foreskin-free!