Vaginal infections cause a great deal of discomfort in women of all ages. They could indicate a sexually transmitted disease (STD) which compromises the health of the partners they have intercourse with. If you suspect that you have an infection that needs treatment, contact the Apple Valley vaginal infections professionals at OBGYN High Desert. They’ll schedule an appointment so you can see Dr. Ahmadinia for further assistance.

Types of Vaginal Infections

There are many types of vaginal infections ranging in severity that you might be suffering from momentarily. Because each woman’s body is different from other women, it’s important that the right diagnosis and treatment option is provided to the patient. Dr. Ahmadinia is able to prevent problems from worsening in many of the Apple Valley residents who see him for gynecological services.

The following vaginal infections may be something you’re dealing with at the moment:

  • Yeast Infection. A build-up of yeast in the vagina can make you feel very uncomfortable. If you were taking an antibiotic for any reason, you could wind up with a yeast infection. The doctor will give you a treatment option that reduces the amount of yeast in your body so you won’t feel itchy and uncomfortable for long.
  • STDs. Chlamydia and gonorrhea tend to be two of the most common. If you are diagnosed with an STD, you should stop having sex until it is treated. That way, you don’t spread the infection to your partner.
  • Allergies. Known as non-infectious vaginitis, this type of infection often has to do with an allergy to chemicals in personal hygiene products, soaps, and even underwear.

The list above includes some of the most common vaginal infections. It doesn’t mean that what you’re experiencing isn’t cause for alarm. Contacting OBGYN High Desert to set up an appointment to speak to your gynecologist is advisable.

Dr. Ahmadinia Treats His Apple Valley Patients with Respect

Trust Apple Valley Vaginal Infections Expert, Dr. Ahmadinia, with the treatment of your vaginal infection. He works with his female patients to make them as informed as possible about their condition so they can eliminate its symptoms and prevent it from happening again. If surgery is required because a vaginal infection is symptomatic due to a more severe problem, the OBGYN will discuss this with you so you know what to do to prepare for the procedure in advance.