Pregnant women looking to receive the best care money provides visit Apple Valley prenatal care specialist, Dr. Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert. The caring medical professional ensures that each one of his patients is well taken care of. He goes above and beyond to help women have a healthy pregnancy.

Regular Check-Ups Let’s Dr. Ahmadinia See How Well You and Your Baby are Doing

Prenatal care is an absolute necessity for Apple Valley residents. Seeing the OBGYN regularly allows him to check on you and your baby. Dr. Ahmadinia makes sure that you and the child are getting adequate nutrition.

He will start you out on a prenatal vitamin and ask that you take it daily. Apple Valley prenatal care does its part to protect your child from birth defects. That’s why a vitamin-rich in folic acid is needed.

Prenatal visits often entail weighing you on a scale to see how much pregnancy weight you have gained. You may also be asked to submit a urine test or blood sample. This allows the OBGYN to see if there are any potential health issues of concern to deal with.

If it’s your first time seeing Apple Valley prenatal care specialist, Dr. Ahmadinia, he’ll ask questions about your lifestyle choices and medical history. He’ll do a thorough exam and a Pap test. He’ll even ask about your family’s medical history, so he has a good idea of what risk factors exist with you and your pregnancy.

Counseling Informs and Empowers Patients to Take Good Care of Themselves

Dr. Ahmadinia also counsels Apple Valley prenatal care patients so that they’re actively seeking healthy choices in their daily lives. He provides women with the information that they need to care for themselves and their unborn child. He also provides follow-up, postnatal care to ensure that women and their babies continue to remain healthy and disease-free.

Schedule an Appointment for Prenatal Care Right Away

Apple Valley prenatal care is just a phone call away. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ahmadinia’s staff today. You and your baby deserve the best care available in Apple Valley.

OBGYN High Desert is the place to go for all of your prenatal and postnatal needs. You’ll get to know Dr. Ahmadinia and his staff very well throughout your pregnancy. They’ll be ready to welcome you to the clinic and give you the support that you need while carrying a child.