If you’re an Apple Valley resident with a newborn baby boy who needs to be circumcised, Dr. Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert is the medical professional to trust with the procedure. With years of experience doing circumcisions, the skilled and knowledgeable OBGYN takes excellent care of his little patients. Your child is in good hands when he is seen by Dr. Ahmadinia.

When Does a Newborn Circumcision Take Place

A circumcision occurs at the hospital after the child is born or later by the OBGYN. The procedure takes little time to complete and is done for cultural, religious, and cosmetic purposes. Bleeding is minimal and is stopped by antibiotic ointment regularly applied by a parent that speeds up the healing process.

How to Treat and Dress the Surgical Area

Keeping the surgical area clean is imperative which requires parents to place a gauze strip over the area each time the diaper is changed. The ointment also needs to be applied to the penis as the baby is being diapered. Good hygiene practices keep the area from getting infected and causing your child pain or illness.

What to Expect While the Area Heals

There may be a slight amount of discharge as the skin on the penis is gently pushed back daily. It shouldn’t be cause for alarm unless there is a large amount of it. If there is excessive bleeding or signs of infection, it’s time to see your pediatrician right away.

Make Sure to Ask Dr. Ahmadinia Questions Before Your Baby is Born

Apple Valley newborn circumcision is best handled by Dr. Ahmadinia who can answer questions and clear up concerns you might have about the procedure before your baby is delivered. It’s important to communicate clearly with the OBGYN, so your personal wishes for your child are respected. You’ll also be given clear instructions on how to care for the surgical area which helps when you’re a new parent of a baby boy.

Set Up an Appointment with OBGYN High Desert Right Away

Setting up a time to speak to your OBGYN is advisable as it gives you the ins and outs of newborn circumcision as a first-time parent. There is a reason why Apple Valley residents trust Dr. Ahmadinia with the procedure. His reputation for providing consistent and excellent care to his female patients and their babies is well-known throughout the area.