Scheduling regular appointments with an OBGYN throughout the year helps you prevent potential health problems and other issues of concern involving your body. Health screenings are preventative medicine and a form of self-care you can’t overlook. If during a visit to OBGYN High Desert, Dr. Ahmadinia discovered that you have problems with excessive bleeding and you’ve already had children, you may be a good candidate for Adelanto endometrial ablation. It’s important to know what’s involved with a surgical procedure such as that.

What is Adelanto Endometrial Ablation?

Women who experience bleeding between menstrual cycles, have a heavy or prolonged period or suffer from polyps or fibroids in the uterus can benefit from Adelanto endometrial ablation. The surgical procedure involves removing the endometrium, the lining in the uterus so that it no longer causes bleeding.

Certain women are not good candidates for Adelanto endometrial ablation. If you’re post-menopausal, it’s advisable to wait to have the procedure done. If you have cancer of the uterus, a weak uterine wall, a C-Section scar or an IUD implanted, Dr. Ahmadinia will recommend a different treatment option for you.

These conditions increase the risk factors involved with this type of surgery. That’s why it’s essential to disclose the crucial details to your OBGYN while you discuss Adelanto endometrial ablation and its relevance to you. Dr. Ahmadinia does not want to take any risks with your health or personal safety which is why he’ll first determine if it’s an option for you or not.

Preparing for Endometrial Ablation

If you are a good candidate for the surgery and have set up an appointment to have it done, you’ll need to prepare yourself in the meantime. Getting your home ready for you to rest and recover is a big help. It’s also good to recruit someone to assist you while you heal.

You will want to discontinue use of tampons and douche until the OBGYN says it’s safe to use them again. Refraining from having sexual intercourse is also essential. Dr. Ahmadinia will let you know when he feels that you have healed enough to do these things again.

The Best Possible Surgeon Available in Adelanto

Trust the best Adelanto endometrial ablation OBGYN available. Dr. Ahmadinia helps local women receive the highest quality of care possible. Thanks to his care and concern for his patient’s health and well-being, females in the city of Adelanto don’t need to look long for a gynecologist to work with to have the surgical procedure done. An appointment at OBGYN High Desert prepares you for endometrial ablation by answering your most pressing questions and providing you with instructions concerning what to do before and after having the surgery done.