Adelanto birth control expert Dr. Ahmadinia of OBGYN High Desert knows a thing or two about reproductive rights. He wants women in the surrounding area to feel confident about their decision to start or stop birth control. He knows that every woman is different and deserves to make that choice. That’s why he wants women to consider him as a valuable resource when it comes to family planning as well as other gynecological services.

Many Forms of Birth Control Exist for Women to Choose From

There are many forms of birth control for women to consider. Each comes with its own advantages. To know which is right for you, Dr. Ahmadinia asks many questions. He gets to know your age, your medical history, your experience with birth control in the past, your desire to have children or not have children, and your lifestyle habits.

He can then determine which is best suited for you based on this knowledge. This allows you to make an informed decision based on the doctor’s recommendations. You’re able to ask questions of Adelanto birth control expert Dr. Ahmadinia, too.

Talk to Dr. Ahmadinia About the Questions That You Have

If you have something you need to know right away, talk to your OBGYN at your appointment. He’ll be able to address your concerns and make you confident in the decision you’ve made to take birth control pills or use a diaphragm. If you decide later on that the time is right for you to start a family, you’ll be able to do so safely and with the doctor’s guidance.

Prevent STDs by Practicing Safe Sex with Condoms

Using protection helps prevent STDs as well as pregnancy. Birth control is not a substitute for safe sex practices. You should always use protection when engaging in sexual intercourse if you want to steer clear of STDs.

Some people are under the misconception that if you take birth control pills, you won’t need to further protect yourself. That is never the case. You should, and that is something the doctor recommends.

Work with Your OBGYN to Come Up with the Best Solution for You

Adelanto birth control expert Dr. Ahmadinia is ready to discuss options with you. Schedule an appointment at OBGYN High Desert right away and make the most of your visit with the OBGYN. He’s ready and willing to help you with your request and to find the birth control solution that best meets your needs.