Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley women know Dr. Reza Ahmadinia as a gynecologist they can trust to administer discreet and accurate pregnancy tests. Rather than travel far to a doctor they’ve never met before, women from the area prefer to go to OBGYN High Desert because of the high level of service they receive as a patient there. After submitting a urine sample, female patients learn whether or not they are pregnant. This allows them to take the necessary steps to care for and carry their child to term safely and healthily.

Diagnosing Pregnancy & High Risk Pregnancies

The pregnancy test that Dr. Ahmadinia administers is 97%-99% accurate. If it comes up negative and a patient still believes she is pregnant, he’ll order a blood test. This will give the woman two reliable test readings to go off of. Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley residents don’t need to go elsewhere to have a second test done because OBGYN High Desert takes care of it for them.

If a pregnancy has been deemed ‘high risk,’ the OBGYN will go to great lengths to make sure that both mother and child are safe throughout. A high-risk pregnancy occurs when a teenager gets pregnant, or a woman who is older is carrying a child. Women with diseases that can be passed on to their child are also considered ‘high risk’ and treated as such.

Multiple births are ‘high risk.’ If the doctor determines that you’re carrying more than one child at a time, he will want to monitor you closely. This ensures that all of your children are safe and healthy at the time of delivery. This reduces the risk that one or more of the babies are stillborn.

Reliable & Trusted High Desert Gynecology & Obstetrics

For over a decade, Dr. Ahmadinia has provided pre-natal care for ‘high risk’ pregnancies for women in the Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley areas. His education, skill set and level of professionalism are what makes women recommend him to others. The doctor’s patients help build his reputation as a caring, compassionate OBGYN who goes the extra mile to make sure that the females he provides care to are comfortable and informed throughout their visit.

Hesperia women and those in the surrounding areas of Victorville and Apple Valley place their trust in Dr. Ahmadinia. Once they’ve confirmed that they are, indeed pregnant, his patients are able to request specialized care instructions for how to proceed for the rest of their pregnancy. They’re also able to start taking a prenatal vitamin if they don’t already have one that they take regularly.

If you suspect that you’re pregnant and need to have a pregnancy test done, don’t hesitate to contact OBGYN High Desert. Dr. Ahmadinia will make sure you get the results that you need right away. This makes it easier for you to plan the remaining months of your pregnancy and care for the child or children you’re carrying easily.

Contact OBGYN High Desert with any questions that you have. Dr. Ahmadinia’s caring staff will schedule an appointment with the gynecologist for you. Then you can come in for a pregnancy test and get the answers that you need. Having a plan for your pregnancy is strongly recommended.