Women in Apple Valley trust Dr. Reza Ahmadinia for their OBGYN needs. They go to OBGYN High Desert for gynecological checkups as well as Apple Valley pregnancy tests. This helps them come up with a care plan that is right for their lifestyle and infant.

When to Seek Apple Valley Pregnancy Tests

An Apple Valley pregnancy test is administered when a woman suspects she is pregnant. It helps determine that she is, indeed, carrying a child. This gives Dr. Ahmadinia the information needed to properly care for a woman throughout her pregnancy.

Monitoring pregnant women and their children ensures that patients are able to deliver without complications. Making sure that both mother and child are safe throughout the nine-month Apple Valley pregnancy is what Dr. Ahmadinia focuses on. He monitors high-risk pregnancies to make sure that they do not pose a threat to the mother or the baby.

Apple Valley pregnancy tests that are urine-based are 97%-99% accurate. All gynecologists recognize these tests as being reliable. Dr. Ahmadinia is no different, which is why he relies on urine-based analysis with his patients.

Comfortable & Knowledgeable Apple Valley OBGYN

Women in Apple Valley know that OBGYN High Desert is a place where they can feel comfortable. Dr. Ahmadinia and his caring staff make sure each patient knows what is store for them during the time of their appointment. He goes the extra mile to inform women on the steps they need to take to carry a health child to term.

  • If it is determined that you are pregnant, Dr. Ahmadinia’s staff has you start taking pre-natal vitamins right away. This is an important part of the early stages of Apple Valley pregnancy as folic acid is needed to help a baby grow and develop. If you have questions about pre-natal vitamins or anything that comes up during your pregnancy, it’s time to contact OBGYN High Desert with your questions.
  • In the event, your test results are negative, but you still experience symptoms of being pregnant, Dr. Ahmadinia will order a blood test. This will give the Apple Valley gynecologist an idea as to what your hormone levels are, and if you are, indeed, pregnant. In the rare cases where a urine-based test proves inaccurate, a blood test tells the doctor what he needs to know about you and your condition.
If you have questions about pregnancy tests and what is considered a high-risk Apple Valley pregnancy, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Ahmadinia. He’ll be more than happy to address your concerns and provide you with the information you’ve requested. Having a healthy pregnancy is easy when you have a clinic like OBGYN High Desert to go to.