Dr. Ahmadinia OB/GYN provides patients in Apple Valley pregnancy planning. Preconception healthcare focuses on the things you should do before and between your pregnancies to help increase the chances of your baby being healthy when born. For some women, pregnancy planning in Apple Valley may take a few months or a bit longer depending on your current health and lifestyle. Whether this will be your first or fourth pregnancy the following Pregnancy Planning in Apple Valley tips will help ensure you have a healthy baby.

Before conceiving make an appointment with Dr. Ahmadinia, talk to your doctor about preconception health care. If this is your first time seeing Dr. Ahmadinia, he will want to talk about your health history. This includes any conditions or disease you may have that could complicate your pregnancy, discuss any previous pregnancies, medications you take and the steps to take during your pregnancy planning in Apple Valley.

Talk to Dr. Ahmadinia if you drink, smoke or use illegal drugs, live in a stressful or any type of abusive environment, or live or work around any type of toxic substances. It’s very important that you make the necessary changes before becoming pregnant, and Dr. Ahmadinia will help and support you through the lifestyle changes you to make as part of your Pregnancy Planning in Apple Valley.

Talk to Dr. Ahmadinia OBGYN about all the medications, supplements, herbs, and vitamins you currently take. Some medications, herbs and supplements are not good for a developing baby.

Part of your pregnancy planning in Apple Valley will also include your family history. Many women do not realize that their family history can have an effect on their unborn child. For example, if you have a family history of heart disease or diabetes these diseases need to be taken into consideration. You and your baby can be monitored more closely, and all the things mentioned above is all part of your pregnancy planning in Apple Valley with Reza Ahmadinia OBGYN.

Pregnancy Planning in Apple Valley is a very important part of your pregnancy.